12 Dicembre 2012

Vivienne Strauss: The Onset of Winter Doldrums

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Poteva forse mancare la magnifica Vivienne Strauss, per gli auguri di un delicato periodo di feste e abbracci?
Lo so, siamo nel campo delle domande retoriche, delle questioni talmente ovvie da essere lasciate libere, sospese. E liberiamo dunque tutte le zavorre di questi giorni di corse sconsiderate e scadenze noiose: liberiamoci per qualche minuto di sana, sanissima lettura ;)
Che sia un’ottima giornata per tutti voi!
Vi abbraccio!
During the summer months, especially on very hot days, I seem to think I’m more of a winter person.
However, after the invigorating fall days and bright autumn leaves, it takes no time at all for the winter doldrums to set in. The shorter and shorter days cause me to don my pajamas as early as five p.m.
The first instinct is to hide or hibernate until spring returns. Having a dog to walk though, forces me outside whether I want to be there or not.

I don’t mind cold air as long as there are blue skies and bright sun. It is the days that are the same even grey that get to me and make me desperate for color. I try to focus on the things I like about winter – I love seeing exposed tree limbs, they are more intricate without their leaves. If you pay attention, you can spot bright orange bittersweet growing along the roadsides or many different kind of red berries that I haven’t been able to identify, clinging to the branch until picked clean by birds and squirrels.
One recent morning, Oliver (our dog) needed to go out much earlier than usual and I had the rare treat of having the streets all to ourselves and a terrific view of a nearly full moon.

Here are some recent winter photos and also a watercolor painting I did last winter to lighten my mood.
The title is Frances Bascom and Eleanor look out the window and experience the onset of winter doldrums.

I wish you a warm and happy holiday season ahead and a wonderful 2013!

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