27 Settembre 2012

Vivienne Strauss: A bit about where I live

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Adoro Vivienne Strauss e credo di avervelo comunicato in tutte le lingue.
Durante lo scorso anno ho avuto la grandissima fortuna di averla qui, tra i miei preziosi guest-blogger. Non ci eravamo date una scansione precisa: scriveva del suo mondo quando ne aveva voglia e l’impegno e l’entusiasmo che dimostrava ogni volta erano per me una sorpresa continua e rincuorante.
Al ritorno dalle vacanze, ho pensato di chiederle se fosse intenzionata a continuare nell’impresa. La sapevo molto impegnata e mentre le scrivevo immaginavo con dispiacere che sarebbe stato difficile averla ancora qui. E invece, ecco una nuova sorpresa: Vivienne mi ha detto che avrebbe scritto ancora volentieri e che – udite udite – l’avrebbe fatto con una frequenza maggiore!

Ogni mese un regalo per tutti noi, dunque, da questa magnifica artista, dedita al tocco e alla bellezza.
Ho deciso di non inserire traduzioni alle sue parole. Ho deciso di lasciare che il loro suono arrivi a tutti voi, come fosse pronunciato dalla sua stessa voce.

Il titolo dei suoi interventi è lo stesso della scorsa stagione, ON THE SUNNY SIDE OF THE STREET, perché quando incontro l’arte di Vivienne mi vengono in mente il sole, lo splendore, la lucentezza. 

I thought for my first guest post it would be nice to tell you a bit about where I live. My husband and I bought a home in New Hampshire about a year and a half ago. We live in a very small town but we are surrounded by beauty and much of our excitement is found in our own back yard. We both work from home so it was very important for us to live somewhere we really enjoyed because also, when you work for yourself, you rarely get to take a holiday!

When I was browsing through my photos it was hard to select just 5 so I’m sure I will post about our town again, in fact I have saved a few of the more exciting back yard shots for another post. My studio faces the back yard and at the edge of the yard are many acres of uninhabited woods, uninhabited by people but certainly not wildlife.

This first photo is of a female turkey who as you can tell, noticed that I was in the window taking her photograph. She came to eat bugs from the yard and also some of the seeds that fell from our bird feeders. She came for several weeks and then we didn’t see her for a long time, we have had as many as 15 adult turkeys at once which can be a bit frightening as they are large. At one point this summer, we had 4 adults and many little ones but couldn’t get to a camera quick enough.

My husband Mate took this photo of this young deer, he is most likely about 1 year old, the deer are very timid so we don’t see them very often but are always glad when we do.

This little furry creature is called a woodchuck or a groundhog. They eat greens and unfortunately eat from people’s home gardens. He was cute enough that I didn’t mind that much that he ate my tulips this spring. When they hear or see us, they stand on their hind legs in a very cute manner but I wasn’t able to photograph him in that pose yet.

This beautiful bird is called a common yellowthroat, it had struck one of the windows but made a quick recovery after I held it for a while. With all the activity, accidents are bound to happen but I am always grateful when they survive. Many thanks to networking on the internet I was able to identify it.

This last photo was taken on one of our walks in the woods down the road from us on the other side of a big meadow. Walking in the woods is a wonderful way to clear your head and rejuvenate your heart.

Thank you Camilla for allowing me to share a bit of my world, I hope you enjoyed!
Until next time,


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