30 Gennaio 2013

Vivienne Strauss: Collections!

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Buongiorno Amici!
Questo mercoledì profuma di bellezza grazie alla fantastica presenza di Vivienne Strauss!

I suoi interventi mi mettono un tale buonumore che si potrebbero inserire nella ormai lunghissima lista di settimana scorsa, quella contro gli attacchi non preventivati di Mr. Umore Nero.
So che è così anche per voi e così vi lascio in compagnia di un bellissimo post, tutto dedicato alle collezioni!
vivienne strauss - guest bloggerAfter conversations with several different people lately about collections I’ve been thinking a lot about what compels people to collect what they do. Most of my own personal collections didn’t really start out as intentional ones. I seem to have not to have just a penchant for old photographs but am specifically drawn to interesting ones that have a specific date written on them so I know the exact day they were taken.
Why? I have no idea really. I also like to collect photos of sailors, here are a few of my favorites.vivienne strauss - collections vivienne strauss - collections
I also wanted to share a glimpse of others’ collections. These three women are all artists who paint, collage, take photographs or work in all of these mediums and more.  I realized after I started this post, I could have easily done a whole post on any of these talented people.  I hope you enjoy browsing through their collections!
virgin honey - flickr Some collections are impermanent ones like those of Virgin Honey. Many of her collections are things found on beaches or streets.
vivienne strauss: collections - virgin honeyvivienne strauss - collections: vintage honey
Crafty dogma flickrCrafty Dogma in Australia has too many collections to mention here, I love the look of vintage cameras, they are gorgeous.  Not only does she collect them, she actually uses them.

vivienne strauss - collectionsvivienne strauss - collections

bricolage life - blogSome are gathered  and beautifully photographed like those of Bricolage Life!
vivienne strauss - collections: bricolage lifevivienne strauss - collections : bricolage life
What do you collect?

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  1. Shin

    Piacere! Sorry my Italian is not so good, although I’m in Italy. Reading is fairly OK, but writing is terrible. I stumbled upon this blog by Bricolage Life. Lovely to see a guest post by Vivienne!


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