30 Ottobre 2012

Vivienne Strauss: Collages!

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Buon martedì a tutti, miei cari Zeldiani!
Oggi è una giornata da occhi spalancati e sorriso a fior di pelle: è con noi Vivienne Strauss, che ci parla del suo amore per i collages. Collages bellissimi, di cui sono letteralmente innamorata! Ne possiedo uno dedicato alla scrittura e sono in attesa di appenderlo al “muro delle macchine da scrivere”. Che stia cominciando una collezione?!

Potete interagire con Vivienne sul suo blog e su facebook.
Ammirare e, perché no, acquistare le sue opere su flickr e etsy (qui e qui).

Baci molto belli a tutti!

While I consider myself primarily a painter, I do love to also work in collage.  I find it to be a nice break from painting and it also allows me to express ideas that would not be possible in other mediums.  I love combining human and mechanical elements in my work and also finding the human in the mechanical.

1. Factory Made
 This one is very much inspired by the Dada movement as is most of my collage work.
2.  The Sacrificial Secretary
Inspired by the Ernest Hemingway quote “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed”.
3. The Thought Machine

This is a “self portrait” – my mind is always racing in so many directions, and I am always rather frantic that I won’t remember to complete all my ideas or that there just isn’t enough time in which to do them.

4.  The Assassin

I love incorporating not just mechanical things into my collage, but especially cameras.  This is also inspired by my love of French film noir, in particular, Le Samourai with Alain Delon and Touchez pas au grisbi with another favorite, Jean Gabin.
5. Francine

I love finding the “human” in objects like this piece. I also do this when I’m out and about taking photos. So many man made things look like creatures and often trees look as if they have faces…

You can view more camera collages here.
Thank you always Camilla for allowing me to share me thoughts with your wonderful readers!

5 pensieri su “Vivienne Strauss: Collages!

  1. Valeria

    Vivienne: Hemingway’s quote is genius! I felt that way every day I was writing my master’s thesis :-) I love collage as well, ever since I took a workshop in San Francisco. We had all sorts of old Life magazine pages to destroy!
    Camilla: ciao :)


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